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AACE Certification Preperation Course Overview

ASEAN Project Management Centre of Excellence AACE Certification Preparation Course 

Course Objectives

The PRIMARY objective of the AACE Certifaction Preparation Course is to prepare individuals for passing a MINIMUM of one (or more) of the 5 possible AACE Certification exams for CCP, PSP, EVP, CEP or DRMP. Additionally the course work will include the completion of the 2,500 word Technical Paper required to a company the AACE Certfication submission. 

The SECONDARY objective of this course is to develop COMPETENCY in applied asset, portfolio, program and project management in the use of tools, techniques and methodologies for practitioners.

Course Benefits

This course generates a measurable return on training investment for both the professional practitioner and for the organization that sponsors them. This is achieved through the course design using the participants actual day to day work responsibilities as the basis for their case studies. By applying what they are learning in real time the sponsoring organisation is realising benefit even before the participant graduates.

Competency building is based on the proven concept of “Project Based Learning” and the course has been designed specifically for adult learners who are working full time. 

Training Philosophy 

Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Project Management Centre of Excellence in partnership with Allied Projects deliver the training following the philosophy of Phil Race and his Ripple Learning approach. This course is also consistent with Kirkpatrick Level 3 and with follow on organisational support and analysis, Kirkpatrick Level 4.

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