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Allied Projects - Commercial and Claims Services

Allied Projects provide Commercial Management and Claims Compilation services to support our clients contractual requirements. Services provided include contract reviews, contract development, contract administration, claims assessments and procurement management. Our core areas of expertise are detailed further in the following section.

Contract Support Services

Allied Projects provide commercial support for effectively managing developing, negotiating and administering contracts. Review and modifications of head contract documents in the pre-contract phase ensure exposure to liabilities under the contract are reduced to acceptable levels. Additionally, establishing robust subcontract documents at tender stage captures key commercial attributes to ensure required outcomes are enforceable throughout the implementation phase.   

Contract Administration Services

Throughout the execution of works under contract Allied Projects ensures notifications, claim submissions, record keeping and compilation of claims support documentation is progressively undertaken. Meeting the contract notification requirements and submission time constraints ensures that all entitlements under the contract are captured maximising profitability. Additionally liabilities for liquidated damages can be mitigated through correctly documented extension of time claims.     

Claims Compilation

Allied Projects have a high level of commercial acumen and ensure that Works Under Contract, whether Head Contract or Sub-contracts, are being performed in a manner that meets the contract conditions. Allied Projects undertake compilation of claims to ensure entitlements under the Contract are being recovered. Evidence such as correspondence, progress reports, meeting minutes are compiled as supporting documentation for claims.

Procurement Management

Allied Projects systematically examines all project purchasing requirements to establish a project specific Procurement Operating Plan, which identifies long lead items and provides a prioritised procurement list for coordinating the development of RFQ packages and award of supply contracts. Tender short lists are developed through expressions of interest and adjudication of tenders undertaken to identify preferred contractors for recommendation of award.