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Allied Projects - Project Control Services

Allied Projects offers a wide scope of Project Control Services including Scheduling, Estimating, Tendering, Cost Control and Reporting. Our core areas of expertise are detailed further in the following section.

Project Programming and Scheduling

Allied Projects utilise Primavera software to develop fully resourced Project Schedules providing Gantt charts, resource histograms and cash flow curves that capture Project particulars required for detailed planning purposes. Allocation of duration, logic, budget, man-hours and materials against each project activity provides a tool for tracking actual against plan and identifying trends.   

Project Cost Estimating

Starting with the development of a project Work Breakdown Structure, to ensure the estimate has correlation with the schedule, estimates are built from the bottom up through defining material  quantities for each facility and area along with developing RFQ subcontract and procurement enquiry packages. Pricing data is compiled using specialist software to enable ease for transferring estimates into Control Budgets.

Tender Documentation and Bid Management

Allied Projects utilise our extensive library of document templates for the numerous supporting documents that accompany a tender submission including Management Plans for engineering, construction, industrial relations, project controls, planning, risk, safety, environment, procurement, quality and logistics along with developing schedules, histograms and other documents to support bid submissions.

Cost Management and Project Reporting

Allied Projects systematically track and report the health of Projects through implementing specialist Project Control systems. Development of project Work Breakdown Structure and cost coding activities enables a baseline budget to be established against which Project costs are tracked. Periodic reporting of this along with other key statistics provide a snap shot indicating the health of the project.